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Bullets Wireless 2: Oneplus Announces Relaunch of Affordable Bluetooth Earphones

Oneplus has introduced new wireless earphones in addition to its smartphones of the 7 Series. The Bullets Wireless 2 cost 99 €.

About a year after the launch of the first Bullets Wireless follows the unveiling of the revised successors. The Bullets Wireless 2 are made of higher quality materials - and a bit more expensive than their predecessors.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2: Nautilus-Design für besseren Sound

The new edition of the Bullets Wireless is no longer made of plastic, but made of stainless steel and modeled after the curvy design of the Nautilus spiral. The new shape, the earphones to provide a better fit, says the manufacturer.

In addition to the exterior Oneplus has redesigned the interior of his earphones. So in the second edition of the Bullets Wireless is a triple driver structure: It consists of two Knowles drivers for good heights. For midrange and bass, dynamic Goertek drivers are built in to produce "exceptional detail and clarity."

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 with Bluetooth 5 and aptX HD

While Oneplus used Bluetooth 4.2 in the first generation, the new model uses the updated version of the Bluetooth 5 transmission standard. Furthermore, the new Buletts Wireless 2 aptX HD support, thanks to the sound with 24-bit audio can be transmitted.

In terms of running time, the manufacturer gives up to 14 hours of playback when fully charged. Once the battery is empty, it can be recharged using the Fast Charge Solution Warp Charge via USB-C connection within ten minutes for ten more hours.

The quick-pair function, which lets earphones quickly pair with Oneplus devices, sounds comfortable. With the help of the quick-switching function, switching between the last two connected devices (such as a smartphone and a notebook) can be performed by pressing the button on the headphones.

The new Bullets Wireless 2, like the 7 Series smartphone family, will be available from May 21 at - they're priced at 99€/$.

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