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DisplayMate: OnePlus 7 Pro receives top display

In another advertisement, the manufacturer refers to the OnePlus 7 Pro as "just a better smartphone". Finally, a third full-page ad is overwritten with "The best smartphone you've ever heard of." Among them is printed a customer satisfaction rating, according to which OnePlus in 2019 can show the most satisfied customers. The keynote for the OnePlus 7 Pro, which will be released on May 14, 2019, follows at the end.

The side slightly curved OLED display of the OnePlus 7 Pro should be among the best in its class.

In the last few hours OnePlus has started a large-scale teaser campaign for OnePlus 7 and its more powerful brother OnePlus 7 Pro, in parallel with leaks from all corners of the internet. With the approval of OnePlus, Displaymate's display surveyors have recently contributed to the news storm by announcing the evaluation of the OLED display in the Pro model in advance.

For details, we have to wait for the 14th of May, the day the OnePlus 7 Pro is officially launched, but we learn that DisplayMate has given the OLED display its highest grade in the A + category, which is probably level with brings the currently best smartphone display of the Galaxy S10. How well the OLED panel cuts in detail and whether Samsung ultimately does not get the upper hand here, but then DisplayMate wants us betrayed only on 14 May.

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