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OnePlus 8 Lite: This should be the new mid-range smartphone

OnePlus could move away from its two-smartphone strategy and Samsung, Huawei and Apple like it. The three manufacturers each have to offer three versions of their upper-class smartphones. OnePlus has always had two versions in the past few years - a conventional and a “Pro” version.

This is what the OnePlus 8 Lite looks like / © 91mobiles

OnePlus 8 Lite announces

2020 could be a turning point in Chinese product policy. In addition to the expected OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro should be a OnePlus 8 Lite. So far, OnePlus held back with such abgespeckten flagships. Only the OnePlus X was in the middle class. However, OnePlus did not celebrate a great success. It could be different with the OnePlus 8 Lite. The first information has now been scattered by 91mobiles . For this, the colleagues have created render images based on the rumors.

The technical data of the OnePlus 8 Lite

Not much is known about the technical data. The design reveals a few details. So no fingerprint sensor can be seen. So we can assume that it hides one under the display. A dual camera can be seen for this. This puzzles something, both have OnePlus 7 already a triple camera. One possibility would be for OnePlus to upgrade the dual camera with a ToF camera. Here, OnePlus could also create the technical distance between the "real" flagships and the slimmed-down model.

OLED is the most likely display technology. We can assume that the resolution is more in the FHD + area than in the QHD area that the current models achieve. The front camera meanwhile looks through a central hole in the display at the top. A jack connection for older headphones or microphones cannot be seen.

OnePlus 8 Lite in pictures: the design of the new middle-grader

However, the pictures not only allow conclusions to be drawn about technical conditions, they also show what the smartphone will look like. And here you might think that the designer mainly used Samsung. Not only the front with the so-called Punchhole instead of a drop nebula is reminiscent of the design of, among other things, the Galaxy Note 10, but also the camera mount on the back. But it also reminds of the module of Apple's iPhone 11 Pro or that of Google Pixel 4. 

The rest of the smartphone is also more likely to offer a design off the peg. Rounded corners and a flat display design strengthen the impression. The back is rounded off towards the long sides and the frame is obviously made of metal. 

As the alleged OnePlus 8 Lite will ultimately look, will have to show yet, but the render images look quite realistic. We also have to wait a bit longer for the technical data, but the rumor mill is just starting up. So there will surely be more information soon. 

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