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OnePlus Nord test: The new mid-range mobile phone offers all of this

The OnePlus Nord test makes it clear that there is high-end technology in the mid-range segment. You can find out what you can expect from the smartphone and whether a purchase is worthwhile here.

The latest smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer is called OnePlus Nord. With the new cell phone, the company is reflecting on what customers value it for: lots of good and usable technology for little money. In the OnePlus Nord test, you will find out everything you need to know about the top-class mid-range model.

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OnePlus Nord test: You can see that at first glance

The Nord is the first mid-range mobile phone from OnePlus since the One Plus X from 2015. What can be seen at first glance even without the OnePlus Nord test is that the Nord again bears the design signature of OnePlus after the X was more like an iPhone.

With the OnePlus Nord, the camera has moved to the left side of the back, while with the Pro models it is attached in the middle. The frame of the north is made of plastic and the glass back is shiny. The screen has a diagonal of 6.4 inches, which corresponds to around 16.3 centimeters.

The OLED screen offers good colors and contrasts

The OLED screen is almost standard in modern smartphones. The north also has one. It offers good contrasts and rich colors, even if the north display cannot keep up with those of the Pro models and, in contrast to the top models, looks a bit paler. But that can be borne at a price of only 399 euros.

With a refresh rate of 90 Hertz, the OnePlus Nord offers a smooth impression when scrolling on the display.

Display: Get your OnePlus Nord (128 GB) for 399 euros

The highlight: the cameras

The OnePlus Nord test clearly shows that there was no saving on the cameras. The smartphone has four rear cameras and two on the front (even if one of them is only a depth camera, i.e. a sensor that collects data and cannot take photos on its own).

The OnePlus Nord has an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera for close-ups. The main camera comes from the OnePlus 8 Pro and has 48 megapixels. Even in low light, very good photos come out.

The selfie camera in the OnePlus Nord test also convinced by the mirror. The 32-megapixel wide-angle camera shows a surprising number of details. The wide-angle mode enables you to get even more people or background with the selfie pictures.

Fast charging is possible

At least 70 percent of the battery should be recharged within just 30 minutes. The new and so-called "Warp Charge 30T" technology still has a very special feature ready: if you charge your cell phone at night, the technology keeps the battery level at 85 percent, until just before you get up, the battery is charged up to 100 percent. The delayed charging saves the cell phone battery. However, the principle only works when the cell phone has got used to your sleeping rhythm.

Wireless charging is not possible, but the battery performance of almost exactly ten hours is convincing if a video is played continuously. This is due to the decent battery with 4,115 milliamp hours. Nevertheless, one would have hoped for a bit more performance with the battery.

Memory and processor

A Snapdragon 756G is installed as a processor. This comes from the high-end sector and was still used for some of the top models in 2019. 8 gigabytes of RAM ensure that the content is displayed smoothly. The 5G technology is also housed, which is rather unusual in the price segment.

When it comes to storage, OnePlus is not to be sidelined: 128 gigybytes are available for you in the standard version. If you are ready to invest 100 euros more, you can also get the model with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of memory.

Conclusion: You can't complain for this price

Ultimately, it is gratifying that the manufacturer OnePlus is concentrating back on its roots. The OnePlus Nord test from Spiegel has made it very clear that there is a top smartphone at a manageable price. Some elements of the built-in technology come from high-end models, the camera is still looking for competition in this price range and the performance of the OnePlus Nord is undoubtedly more than solid.

Here is an overview of pros and cons:


  • Very good OLED screen
  • Top camera
  • Very high performance


  • Battery life could be better
  • No wireless charging possible
  • The storage space cannot be expanded

The OnePlus Nord will be available in Germany from August 4th and costs 399 euros (128 gigabytes) and 499 euros (256 gigabytes). With the OnePlus Nord test, you have hopefully now been able to collect enough information to get an idea of ​​the new mid-range cell phone. Suddenly everyone wants this Android phone : huge rush for Samsung smartphone. Did you know that the three best cell phones in the world cost less than 300 euros ? The OnePlus smartphones also get this blatant feature .

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