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OnePlus on planned camera improvements in current and future smartphones

After a panel discussion with fans in New York, OnePlus has released a to-do list for camera improvements on its smartphones. Some of the planned improvements should also enrich current OnePlus models as a software update, while other changes affect the future camera hardware.

OnePlus recently held an open ear forum in New York, focusing in particular on improving video recordings. After all, filming with the smartphone is becoming more and more socially acceptable, the built-in cameras have become one of the most prestigious hardware features of a smartphone.

OnePlus listened to the community's suggestions on the topic and has now published a to-do list for the company. Accordingly, the future of improvements will focus primarily on the interaction of the various camera lenses. The focus is initially on the adjustment of the release time, color rendering and white balance of all lenses. In addition, all cameras should enable filming in 4K in the future, so that it is easy to switch back and forth between the lenses (main camera, ultra-wide angle and telephoto) during the recording, without having to put up with color deviations and other annoying restrictions.

OnePlus would also like to implement some of the planned changes as a software update for models that have already been released; other changes require new camera hardware, for example because so far almost all lenses are 4K-capable. But the goal is to make this possible in future smartphones.

In addition to these preferred goals, improvements in skin tones should also be on the plan, and the video editor integrated in the gallery should also be given a tool for color correction and support LUTs (e.g. color correction templates).

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