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OnePlus: Oxygen OS 9.0.14 for the 6T and 9.0.6 for the 6th

OnePlus has released updates for two devices. At the moment you are sending over-the-air Oxygen OS 9.0.14 for the OnePlus 6T, while the OnePlus 6 will get Oxygen OS 9.0.6. In terms of content, both updates are identical. In addition to the May patch by Google and the front camera to deliver better photos. In this sense: happy update.

Updated Android Security Patch to 2019.5
General bug fixes and improvements
Support fo Quick Pairing of Bullets Wireless 2 added
Improved stability and compatibility of Bluetooth
Improved confirm password UI for hidden space
Camera (OnePlus 6T?
Optimized photo quality from the front camera
Bug fix
Fixed issue with ringtone for SMS
Fixed issue with speed dial getting cleared
Fixed issue loading credentials required WiFi login

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