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OnePlus: Will the wireless headphones look like AirPods?

Oppo yesterday confirmed various gadgets that we will see in 2020, including a smartwatch . Oppo's announcements included a completely wireless headphone, which has now been presented.

Details are still missing, but you want to present the Oppo Enco Free on December 26, which will be available in black, white and pink. Visually, the model strongly reminiscent of the AirPods from Apple. They were smiled at the beginning and are now probably a design template for the major manufacturers.

OnePlus is also said to be working on wireless headphones for 2020 and since Oppo and OnePlus often share the technologies, the OnePlus product could also go in this direction. Just with other colors and a OnePlus logo. But this is pure speculation of me so far.

Let's wait and see what OnePlus has planned in addition to the three new smartphones in spring . With accessories you can earn a lot of money anyway. Oppo wants to give the details of the Enco Free soon and we will watch that. Let's see if there will also be special features like ANC.

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