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With Wear OS? OnePlus is designed to work on smartwatch

OnePlus: Smartwatch planned for 2020?

The image that he uses in his tweet is only for visual purposes. It comes from OnePlus and was released in 2016 . There were plans for such a smartwatch, but they were discontinued. Well, one should be developed again, but let's see if this time it is ready for the market.

What I find interesting about this message: In the summer , Oppo announced that they are developing a smartwatch. Since Oppo and OnePlus belong to BBK, I already speculated in August that this might also apply to OnePlus. After all, you could use the same basis.

Wear OS after the short hype of Android Wear may experience a second high phase next year? After all, Xiaomi has also just shown a smartwatch , it is finally a potent chip for the clock and Google has bought Fitbit . I am curious what will happen in 2020.

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